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Aruna’s Birth in Israel

The Aruna Yoga Teacher Training Programme launched in Europe at Yogasite in the Netherlands in August 2018. So profound a process, writing the manual, the curriculum and developing the course. I have been awed by the group, the energy transformation in Europe, healing...

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Interstitial Transcendence

The space between is the portal into Truth. In the space between Words Where Silence is resonant. In the space between Breath from retention is Stillness. The space between movement is penetration into Vibration. Where there is Nothing but a Void into Nothing This...

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Practical Path to Healing

There is no one way to access the path of healing. In my direct experience healing is made accessible through prayer, emotional release and Journey work, hands on energy transmission, distance healing, yogic and Kabbalistic tools and technologies and any other method...

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DJ Divine: Unwind Rewind with Marilyn Ambach

I had the most divine opportunity to be hosted on Marilyn Ambach’s radio show, Unwind, Rewind and talk about my favourite loves: Yoga, Music and inner connection. Click here for the blog and radio show with Marilyn Ambach. It was truly amazing to share some of my...

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The Guru-Sisya Dynamic: From Darkness to Light

The Sanskrit word guru has long since been accepted into modern lexicon to describe the role of teacher. It has in fact many connotations, from VIP, to teacher to expert. The name itself derives form the words, ‘gu’ meaning darkness and ‘ru’ which is dispeller of...

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