About Aruna Yoga


Not Just One Type of Yoga

Aruna yoga is a yoga practice, developed by its founder Nicki Forman, encompassing all forms of yoga, including hatha, vinyasa and Kundalini inspired practices and technologies. Aruna Yoga is premised on the teachings of self enquiry born of Arunachala itself, and espoused by Ramana Mahrishi.

It is a practice based on being present on all levels: to what is here and to be still with what arises. No matter what that is.

There is no need to be flexible or even physically able to practice to do Aruna Yoga. It’s aim is to open up to emotional blocks that are released using the technology of the various lineages of yoga, pranayama and meditation. It is a healing practice which aim is to awaken the practitioner to their true nature, to the freedom, peace and truth that is within us all!

“I have been going to Nicki’s classes from the time she started the Aruna yoga. I am very inspired from the classes. They really cover everything. The teaching that is coming through is incredible. It all comes together into a class like no other. Very uplifting, inspiring and healing.”

Yossi Hanoch

Student, Yoga Studio

I have been blessed to be guided by Nicki with the Journey work for almost two years now. The effects and changes in my life and my wellbeing have been tremendous. For the first time in my life I consciously connected to my trueself and consequently many fears I have been having for as long as I can think have fallen away. I learned to welcome emotions and accept more of all that is presenting itself. Without Nicki‘s fearless guidance to give me a little shove when needed, her unconditional love and respect and her presence and her many inspiring sharings I could not have opened myself up to go through all layers of various emotions to realize and experience my own true self and light; forever thankful for this and the continuing work together and for the fact that without Nicki‘s guidance and the sharing of her own experiences I wouldn’t have become a yoga teacher: Forever thankful for you, my beloved Nicki.

Wiebke Winzer

Student, Yoga Studio

Nicki has a life long passion for and love affair with yoga from various traditions and disciplines and she brings her depth of experience and skill to all her classes.  She is a woman of true grace who has birthed Aruna yoga through her own living experience of awakening to her true self. And she is a living transmission of that presence.  

Her yoga is both unique and liberating as she gracefully guides you home to the wholeness of your inner self.  You will truly be blessed in working with her as she works on all levels of being: emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. People often share that after even just one retreat with Nicki, their lives have transformed in some way.”
Brandon Bays

Founder, The Journey

I’ve known Nicki for many years, and have watched her grow spiritually as a mother and leader. Her dedication to help to serve humanity is impeccable. Whenever I think of Nicki, I think of Seva (selfless service). May her endeavors to help all bring her great happiness and fulfillment of her life’s purpose.

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Pioneer, Pre-Natal Yoga

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