The Aruna Yoga Teacher Training Programme launched in Europe at Yogasite in the Netherlands in August 2018. So profound a process, writing the manual, the curriculum and developing the course. I have been awed by the group, the energy transformation in Europe, healing and awakening that is taking place over the last months. The Aruna process unfolds and it has left me astounded.

Last week, Aruna was birthed into this powerful, holy fire of Truth that is here in Israel. Again I got to be floored by the grace present. Amazed by the shining brilliance of the Aruna yogiz, in their quest to Self realise. Their hunger, courage and presence blew me away. The depth of the process liberating in such timeless presence.

The teachings themselves emanating from truth itself and pouring into form, that is named Aruna. It is a unique expression of Truth, a healing modality, a yoga practice and a life tool.

Here I share a taste of what Aruna consciousness is.  Perhaps you might be called to explore the Self through the path of Aruna Yoga.