ArunaArt provides a platform for emerging artists who want to share their art and at the same time support Aruna outreach programmes.



There are various artists selling their work and a percentage of every sale is used in support of ArunaArt’s upliftment goals.

Nicki Forman and Ilana Krasnik began the Aleph initiative in 2013. ArunaArt is now birthed to be able to provide a place to sell various expressions of art and creativity and to use the benefits in support of Aruna’s developing outreach programmes.

For more on artists and available pieces for sale, watch this space!

the art

Meet some of our artists.

Ilana Krasnik

Ilana Krasnik


Originally working with government relations, business development and executive coaching, Ilana has always found time to develop as an artist. Ilana’s art explores spirituality through the aleph, a recurring motif.  

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